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Hair Loss Due to Medical Issues

Addressing Emotional Issues Connected to Feminine Hair Loss
It can be difficult to cope with your hair loss.  After all, you've lived with your hair for a very long time.  Your hair loss will result in a noticeable change in your appearance.  As discussed on our Causes of Hair Loss page, hair loss in women may be the result of anything from genetics to nutrition or other underlying health issues.  For women, hair loss is especially distressing.  It can lead to poor self-esteem, depression, and other emotional issues. 

From the moment you step through our doorway, you are treated with the respect and dignity you deserve.  Each member of the Angel Design Team was chosen based not only on her talents, but her compassionate and nurturing nature.  The entire concept of Hair Therapy for Women is to ensure that women in the Tampa Bay area with specific hair replacement needs have a special salon.  Our private atmosphere is feminine and comfortable.  As our guest, you are attended to, pampered, and appreciated!  Unlike the cold atmosphere of large, corporate-owned hair replacement salons the warm, close-knit atmosphere of Hair Therapy for Women envelops you in a safe cocoon. 

Buyer Beware
Because hair loss is usually a chronic, on-going condition, continued treatment is needed for continued benefits.  The result is you're constantly visiting a hair clinic or salon and facing the continued high costs associated with these visits.  We know you have numerous choices when it comes to selecting your hair replacement specialist...so why choose Hair Therapy for Women?  Here are only a few of the reasons:

  • We are the original "Women-Only" Hair Extension and Hair Loss Solutions studio in the Tampa Bay area.
  • We catered to women's hair replacement needs long before other large salons even thought about offering their services to women.
  • Personal, nurturing service
  • No contracts, maintenance or otherwise
  • Top quality European hair is available
  • There is no shaving of the head or cutting of personal hair required
  • Interest-free financing is available required 

Per the American Hair Loss Association, American men and women spend over 3.5 billion dollars annually attempting to treat their hair loss.  The hair industry attracts thousands of new stylists each year...each one is after your hard-earned dollars.  Each one wants you to believe he or she can replace hair just as well as the next one.  Unfortunately, this is not the truth.  The industry is filled with unethical individuals and companies who will see you only as a way to make a dollar.  That is not the way we are at Hair Therapy for Women.

New Hope for Women With Hair Problems
During your free consultation, perhaps it will be determined you will be able to take advantage of HairMax LaserComb™.  The American-made LaserComb is an effective treatment for improving the appearance of hair that works without supplements or topical lotions.  It is only  device clinically proven to promote hair growth and the only one to receive FDA clearance for marketing.  See our Solutions Page for more information about the HairMax LaserComb.

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