Chemotherapy Wigs

It’s heartbreaking enough for any woman to be diagnosed with cancer. And for some women, the thought of losing their hair due to chemotherapy can be as devastating as the cancer itself.

Often, chemotherapy patients will disguise their hair loss using fashion wigs, which often don’t suit their unique needs. Women who lose their hair through chemotherapy generally have very tender, sensitive scalps that can be irritated by the harsh materials in fashion wigs. Also, fashion wigs purchased through a catalog or online retailer may not fit properly, and can be loose or may shift. Finally, fashion wigs require a lot of upkeep, an unrealistic task for women undergoing chemotherapy.

Choosing Wigs

Hair Therapy for Women is the Tampa Bay area’s exclusive provider of Recover with Confidence™, a nationwide group of dedicated hair loss professionals that provide  products and services to women with hair loss caused by cancer. Only members of the Recover With Confidence™ network are authorized to provide the program’s highly customized and high-end medical cancer wigs, also called a “full cranial prosthesis,” which are typically covered by a patient’s health insurance plan. In addition to a cranial prosthetic, the Recover With Confidence™ program also provides a haircut, hair-care products, brush and wig stand.

More information on Recover With Confidence™ is available here, or by scheduling a complimentary consultation with Hair Therapy for Women.